Shakepro Division 

There are literally hundreds of wood roofs in Calgary and Southern Alberta that have cracking, curling, or splitting shakes, but are in overall good condition. These roofs can be repaired, and by choosing to repair, you maintain the look and value of your home while prolonging the life of your roof with fewer out-of-pocket expenses.  

Our Shakepro Division specializes in shake wood roof repairs to help you maintain and prolong the life of your roof. We can provide the following: 

  • Free Roof Inspections/Assesments

  • Shake Roof Repairs (5 Year & 2.5 Year Warranties)

  • Shake Roof Replacement (25 to 50 Year Warranties)

  • Roof Vent Installation or Removal

  • Eaves Flashing Installation (Drip Edge)

  • Skylight Replacement & Reflashing

  • Chimney Metal Chase Cap Replacement

  • Custom Flashings & Leak Repair

  • Integrated Torch-On Flat roofing with Shake Roof Installation 

Chances are your shake roof has a lot more life in it, and Rush Roofing & Shakepro are willing to guarantee it. We have a warranty for our repairs, covering the whole roof for 5 years—not just the replaced shakes. Your shake repair will cost thousands of dollars less than reroofing. If you are selling your house, a shake repair will net you more dollars, than an expensive reroof. 

We are fully stocked with all sizes of Cedar and Pine shakes for Calgary and Southern Alberta.  

  • 100% Natural Pine Shakes

  • Pressure Treated Pine Shakes

  • Premium Heavy ¾” Handsplit Cedar Shakes

  • Grade 1 Heavy ¾” Handsplit Cedar Shakes

  • Premium Tapersawn 5/8” Cedar Shakes  

  • Grade 1 Tapersawn 5/8” Cedar Shakes  

  • Premium Medium ½” Handsplit Cedar Shakes  

  • Grade 1 Medium ½” Handsplit Cedar Shakes

  • Grade 1 Perfection 3/8” Tapersawn Cedar Shingles 

We have been installing and repairing shake roofs for over 40 years and have a great understanding of how the wood roofing system works and how it can fail if not installed correctly. We also have the experience of repairing shake roofs at all stages of their lifespan, which gives us the ability to identify their longevity, premature degradation and their economic value to the future of your house. 

When you call for a free inspection we will send out one of our experienced roof inspectors to give you a true unbiased opinion about the current condition of your roof. In some instances a roof repair may not be the best economic option for you and we can recommend/quote other options and products that will best suit your needs. We are a full service roofing company and can quote you for a repair, full replacement or a small temporary fix. 

If you would like to explore all your options for dealing with your wood shake roof, please request a free quote and we will be happy to inspect your roof and let you know if it is a good candidate for our 5-year warranty repair. 

Although new pine and cedar shakes stand out from the rest of the roof after installation, they will fade to the same colour in about a year, 1 full season of sun exposure, giving your roof a seamless colour again.