Rubber Roofing


GEM's Euroshield™ collection is one of the most attractive and most durable in the entire roofing market. Manufactured and sold right here in Calgary, all Euroshield products come with a 50 year 100% material warranty!

Euroshield is a green choice; made from 75% recycled materials (mostly old car tires), this product is an economically and environmentally responsible choice. As one can easily imagine, this rubber roof is incredibly strong and flexible and with a class 4-impact rating, Euroshield can actually qualify you for insurance breaks. Euroshield also comes with a unique interlocking design, making it very wind-resistant.

Euroshield comes in chiselled slate, concrete tile, and wood shake designs, all of which accurately mimic the look of classic high-end roofs without their inherent drawbacks.

Bottom line, the Euroshield is a beautiful and virtually indestructible roofing solution—not to mention it's one of Rush Roofing & Contracting's favourite products to recommend and install. For more information, call or email us!

Our Rubber Roofing Products

We offer various type of rubber roofing shingles, such as:

  • Laminated shingles

  • Hail resistant shingles

  • Designer lifetime shingles