Enviroshake Roofing


To maintain our reputation of providing quality, long-lasting and safe roofs, Rush Roofing & Contracting installs Enviroshake® roofing systems for homeowners in Calgary.

Why Enviroshake®

Made from 95% reclaimed material, the Enviroshake® roofing system is one of if not the greenest roofing systems available. Made to replicate the classic look of cedar shakes, the Enviroshake® is one of the sharpest looking roofs available, but without the cons of having an actual wood roof. Major benefits include increased durability, UV protection, wind and hail resistance combined with superior mould, mildew and insect resistant properties.

The Enviroshake is a lifetime roofing product and comes with a 50 year 100% material warranty, it will very likely be the absolute last roof you ever install! When you consider all the benefits, Enviroshake® makes for an attractive roofing solution.

Enviroshake Roofing