Cedar Shakes

Residential Wood Roofing Services in the Alberta Area

There's nothing quite like an authentic cedar roof, and here at Rush Roofing & Contracting, we have them! From the neat and organized look of the 5/8" tapersawn shingle to the rustic look of 3/4" heavy hand-split shakes, we have the wood-roof solution to beautify your Calgary home!

We have decades of combined shake-installation experience and can tackle any wood-roof job available. If you are looking to install a wood roof in or around Calgary, give us a call. We truly believe that no one will be able to beat the quality of our product or installation.

Our Cedar Shakes Products

We carry a variety of cedar shakes, including:

  • Premium cedar tapersawn

  • #1 medium cedar hand-split

  • Premium medium cedar hand-split

  • Premium heavy cedar hand-splitĀ 

  • 18" perfection cedar shingles